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1. Managing the Feasibility Study for Technical Aspects of Planning, Technical Aspects of Marketing, Technical Aspects of Employment, Technical Aspects of Finance, and Empowerment of Hotels, Apartments, Villa, Boarding House, Preferences / Old Fashion hotels / premises into central business with Business Environment Analysis methods including Macro and Micro Economics Analysis, Type Of / Business Concept, Potential Markets Analysis

2. Professional in Managing / Managing Operations of Hotels, Apartment, Villa, Boarding House or other types of details.

3. Managing the development of an updated & effective Hotel & Room Design

4. Manage Hotel Accounting Manually & HMS Support, Hospitality Investment, Cost of Project, Budgeting Plan and Cost Control

5. Managing, Training, Evaluating and Creating Loyal & Professional Human Resources in their field with sustainable programs



LITEROOMS Rebranding and operational control services is the creation of a new look and feel for an established Hotels. The usual goal of rebranding is to influence a customer's perception about a product or service or the company overall by revitalizing the brand and making it seem more modern and relevant to the customer's needs. There are many other reasons a business might want to present a different brand image. Possibilities include repositioning the company and vision to reflect a change of focus, setting the company apart from its competitors, updating the HOTELS image to appeal to a younger market, expanding the business scope, and reflecting a significant merger or acquisition. Companies sometimes want to present a new image for reputation management, to distance themselves from problems of the past. Another purpose of rebranding is to exploit the popularity of some current trend. Rebranding efforts may include a name change, a new logo or packaging and updated marketing materials that include the latest Hotel industry



Our stakeholders are worry-free because we take care of everything to keep our portfolio properties running profitably through clear communication, revenue tools, and an integrated management system.


Our human resources department recruits, trains, and coaches the property teams. The leadership team of LITE HOME works with diligence and ethics to make sure our guests and our team members experience our core values at our hotels.


Our marketing team is creating value on the ground and online. We design print and digital ads and test for the greatest ROI. Our general managers are trained to use the most effective marketing mediums to reach potential customers.


We look for properties in vibrant markets to apply our management services and achieve economies of scale. We are growing fast, and continuously looking for development



Provide our stakeholders with the knowledge needed to mitigate risk and seek reward with the right opportunities. When those arise, we are ready to take a project from start to finish with a wide array of services, Our strategic partnership will deliver additional value to our owners by providing the opportunity to both care for their property and achieve a high percentage return on their investment